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Arts & Culture Council of Burlington has one logo:

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  • This logo may be used in black, white or grayscale. Do not use other color variations or previous versions.
  • The height and width of the logo must remain in proportion.
  • The logo should never be stretched or manipulated to fit into a space.
  • Do not crop the logo.
  • Credit must be given to Arts & Culture Council of Burlington in brochures, news releases, programs, and other printed materials of events, activities, or programs that are funded by the City of Burlington Arts Grants program.

When you cannot use the logo, please list the organization as Arts & Culture Council of Burlington. You must use the organization’s full name. Do not abbreviate or shorten.

Social Media:

Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. If you share information on Twitter please use the hashtag #artscultureburl. All other social media is artscultureburlington.


Arts & Culture, City of Burlington website. Includes links to cultural programs, grant opportunities, festivals & events, calendar and more.
Art Gallery of Burlington
Arts Burlington
Burlington Arts and Culture Fund
Burlington Cultural Map
Burlington Performing Arts Centre
Burlington Public Art
Burlington Public Library
Museums of Burlington
Tourism Burlington

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